Friday, May 11, 2007

comment land

I've found the way to get comments one's blog is to join swap things. It is very exciting. Now I feel I just have to stay interesting.
Due to losing my fourth needle in SO's (significant other's) couch for half the day, the socks are not accompanying him to Couer d' Alene. Towards the end he was asking and asking if they would be done... Hopefully he wasn't just being nice :-)
I could have stayed up late last night and maybe finished them, but the 4:30 am appointment with the airport terminal dissuaded me. Now I can block them like a good little knitter.
I hardly ever block things... blocking things that are partially synthetic (Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Encore DK & Worsted) doesn't seem to do a lot of good, but maybe thats just an excuse for me being impatient. Also, laying things out flat is an invitation for animals to lie on it (like the brown armwarmers I blocked).
The second day it was finished I took the hoodie off and put it on the bed to go for a run and when I turned around Ezekiel (the black one) was kneading (!) it and purring at me! So I can imagine leaving things unattended to block..

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