Sunday, May 13, 2007

FO socks!!

R says that they "feel funny" like he can "feel the stitches or something". They were knitted on size 6 needles. Perhaps that is why most sock yarn is tiny.
I think they will be fine once they are washed a couple of times.


Odie said...

Hi! Thats a manly pair of socks! My bf only wants black/grey socks too. Im cheking your blog regularly and congrats on your 1st pair! I wondering, size 6 ? Its like 4 mm, no? Usually, socks are knitted with size 0-1-2. Maybe thats why R feels the stitches. But what yarn do you use anyway? Anyway, see ya!

Jodie said...

Nice first pair of socks! You can feel the stitches more on larger yarn, and you're right. The smaller yarn is easier to wear.