Thursday, May 10, 2007

socks... again.

I'm kind of sad that the sockapalooza4 blog isn't working quite right. I'm scared of the pligg thing. I might have my tech guy explain it to me.
The second sock is coming along quite nicely. The tension is tighter, so I hope it fits okay. There isn't a mystery hole in this one either which makes me feel oh-so-clever.
I can't wait to get paid so I can buy some sock yarn via the internet.
Miss Diabetic Doggy is doing well. Now I just have to worry about her running herself to a heart attack. She's feeling better and sometimes forgets that she is old. I think I'll have a birthday party for her and invite a bunch of doggy friends.


Holly said...

Yeah, I'm scared of pligg, too. Can't say why...just am. Must be 'cause I'm not used to it. anyway, I laughed at your post on unicorn down. I, for one, like Knitpick's yarn and am using it for my sock pal's socks. I spin too and can get some great yarn that way for less.

Lavendersheep said...

I used to live in Eugene too. I graduated from UO in June 2005. I lived down there for the 5 years I was in college and got a lovely degree in fiber arts. You really ought to check out classes there and at the craft center if you haven't already. They are great about spinning and dyeing and all of that stuff.