Tuesday, April 17, 2007

blogging is hard

I don't know how people blog about knitting more than once or twice a week. The hoodie is progressing. I ran out of yarn about 2.5 inches into the hood. I managed to find the last skein of that dye lot at the LYS. I think it would have been okay though, the colors don't show that much difference. Hopefully I'll be done soon.

I'm teaching a student to knit right now. It's funny to see a guy wearing a Slayer shirt get so excited about learning to knit. I hate sticky acrylic yarn. I don't know how anyone learns on it.


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river blog n said...

i'm commenting on this post since i couldn't on the one about your finished hoodie. it's so cool! it looks great, i like the length and all. cute! i want to finish/continue learning to knit, although now is definitely NOT the time, as i am busy enough as it is. xo, n