Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finished object!!! Hoodie love!!

This is how it looked in the beginning... Like a placenta that would burst out of my bag occasionally to mock me. After it was seamed and I was knitting the hood it looked even more like a placenta. Then when I was finishing the ribbing it looked like a really ugly lumpy bag.

But now the placenta has blossomed into a beautiful hoodie!! hurrah!!

I love the length of the back.

And with a stylish pin option for those days when the girls need a little extra love!

I tried the kitchener stitch on the hood. I really liked it. I ran into a couple problems so it isn't perfect, but from a reasonable distance it looks fabulous.


Tracy said...

that looks amazing on you! great job :) i'm working on the same pattern (although veeeeeeery slowly, since it's not my number one knitting priority right now). did you make any adjustments to the pattern?

siluetkucing said...

That looks great! What yarn did you use?

Aimes said...

looks great!!! i wanted to knit this a while ago.. but forgot about it.. thanks for reminding me with your awesome one:)