Friday, April 13, 2007

Finished objects image heavy

Besides my obligatory garter stitch scarf (of my own design of course heh) this was my first finished object. I didn't block it properly because I was so excited and I didn't know the mattress stitch so it came out kind of wonky. But I slapped the grateful dead bear on it and a friend was more than happy to take it off my hands. It's supposed to be an ipod cozy from The Cool Girl's Guide to Knitting an impulse buy that wasn't a very good learning book, but got the ball rolling. Mmmm acrylic self striping sock yarn sock yarn...

I got this free pattern from Ben Franklin's. This charming armwarmer is made of a wool/acrylic blend (Lion Brand something or other, I have the label somewhere). I also made a pair of these in black Bernat's satin. An easy (knitted flat) yet fulfilling second project.

ABC: Alison's beginners cap. This was an easy first in the round project. It was knitted of blue Bernat's satin.

The Umbilical Hat from Stitch and Bitch. Also in Bernat satin. At the time I was very broke and Bernat's was a) cheap b) pretty c) easy to work with d) super soft and e) has great stitch definition.

A garter stitch scarf (original design again heh) I made for my friend Kim on the train down to San Francisco. It was made out of... any guesses?? That's right!!! Black Bernat's satin and some delicious fluffy yarn I found on sale. She loved it. Or at least pretended to and I know she has worn it at least once since then.

This is a purse from the Cool Girl's book. The knitting pattern was okay, but the finishing up instructions (lining etc) were pretty bad. It's really hard to sew through two layers of knit fabric and two layers of lining on a sewing machine. Really really hard. But this was for my oldest bestest friend in the world and she loved it. How can you not love something with buttons? It is made out of Encore DK doubled up throughout. The picture doesn't show it, but with the doubled variegation it looks almost 3D.

Uni the Pocket Creature from Knitty. Knit in left over bits.

Fetching from Knitty. Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I didn't like the picot edging so I skipped it I also skipped blocking so the bottom edge curls, but they keep my hands super warm! I had been knitting for 7 months (finished in Feb 07) and these are the first things I made for myself and I love them. Wearing something you knit yourself is awesome. I *heart* knitting!!

This isn't everything I've done... I've meant to take pictures of everything, but sometimes people wore them or I gave them away too fast. I've also done Knucks and Calorimetry from Knitty. Knitty has saved me because I don't have a lot of knitting books and spend too much time surfing the web at work2. I did a lace beanie from Rowan that was horrible and I gave it to someone with big hair. I also started the Irish Hiking Scarf from ???, but haven't finished it. I have another ABC cap on the needles somewhere, an unfinished punked out Uni and need to put ears on a finished SnB's "Hot Head" hat for a friend. Knitting hats flat is wierd.

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hooray for my mom's scarf! hooray for jessi's purse! hooray for your fingerless glove things! hooray for you, master knitter! i am glad we have these blogs.