Friday, October 12, 2007

knitters block 2

I need to knit faster...
Of course nothing is really striking my fancy at the moment. I'm done with the fetching for my mom but no pictures yet, and I'm slogging away on the first jaywalker... still.
In my defense I have been busy lately. My friends from Montana visited this weekend+Mon and Tues so I was busy with that. Actually the two people to whom part of this site is dedicated, even though they never see it being without a computer.
I've also been working the second job a lot which is prime knitting time, but not without distractions. Distractions include: working, surfing the internet looking at knitting things, working, staring into space etc.
I'm really trying to learn the continental style because I can see that it is faster, but I have trouble with tension, my yarn gets all swirly and when I purl the stitches end up backwards. So I have some work to do.
I'm a few inches away from starting the toe of the jaywalkers. I have a list of yarns I want and a friend should be buying some yarn so I can make a Bobblicious for her before she goes to Korea. A quick project on huge needles with huge yarn is just what I need.
I have found that the queue function on Ravelry has helped me immensely with my backlog of wants and needs.

ps. I realized after initially posting this that it was the second post titled "knitters block" in a row. Yowza. Maybe I should take up sewing (i.e. learning to sew) for a week or two.

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