Tuesday, October 02, 2007

knitters block

It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I posted last... oops.
I have knitters block. What I need is a large gratifying project to work on. Right now I have two different socks started. I have one Jaywalker and one Spiralling Sock sitting on the needles.
I was really excited about the Jaywalkers until I realized they don't stretch that much and might not fit the intended recipient. So I put laid them on the coffee table and there they have stayed, mocking me everytime I turn on the TV.
Then I started a pair of spiralling socks in OnLine Supersocke, but the yarn annoys me because it is too visually busy to see how spirals are coming out.
I need something other than socks for a while, I also need to get some size 1 and 2 circulars because doing socks on double-pointed needles is getting old.
So last night I started a pair of fetching for my mom. Which helps, the needles are double-pointed, but size 4s so not too, too tiny. Plus the pattern is immediately gratifying and doing cables without a cable needle makes me feel clever.
I'm also making a present for the b/f for his birthday. It is very silly, but I need orange yarn before I can continue working on it.
I want to start working on either the Airy Wrap-around Sweater from fitted knits or Sizzle from Knit and Tonic. But I don't have yarn for either.
In spinning news:
I finished spinning the last of the Strings and Yarn fiber this weekend. I've learned that you should draft all of your fiber at the same time, because waiting a week between halves makes it hard to remember what you did. But everything turned out fine.
But now I'm out of fiber too. Ahhh!
I need a third job so all of that money can go toward knitting pursuits only.
P.S. I'm on Ravelry now! I'm knitonRachel!

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