Saturday, June 02, 2007

sock pattern choosen

I have chosen the Anastasia Socks for my (the green toes pictured at left) sock pal.

This surprises me because it require I do two things I wasn't very excited about.
1) Toe-up socks
2) Reading a chart
But so far (Row 7 of chart) I really like it. I also like the way the size 1 needles knit up fabric.
Now I just need to find the right yarn. I have looked everywhere and solid color sock yarn is hard to find. Why can't I use the green yarn in the picture? Well I had considered that. It's the Peruvian wool from Knit Picks and I really like it, but there are two things...
1) It is dirt cheap at $1.99 a skein, and I don't want my sock pal to feel cheap
2)It is 100% wool and I feel like it would wear out really fast or felt

So the search for the perfect sock yarn continues. I'm ordering something the evening of the 5th though... Green something. I really liked Lorna's Laces, but I can't find anything green enough... Hmmm.

I like the monkey socks, but they are coming out really big I think... I'm worried about what will happen when they get blocked. They will be pretty silken man socks. Hmmm... would he wear silk/wool lace man socks??? Probably...
I do like the pattern though... When I start another pair I'll try to use the chart.

It is late... away to bed I go.

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