Thursday, May 24, 2007

the yarn stork delivered!

I can see that getting yarn in the mail can be addictive! Thanks Knit Picks!! I'm very excited, but sad because I have to do a wrist warmer at work tonight instead of new yarn things... :-(
I don't really know what to do with the hanks... I know I need to wind them, but drawing straight off the hank is supposed to be a bad idea. Hmmm...
I really like the peruvian wool (in the middle, color: rainforest heather). That is something for me I think. The gloss (bottom, dusk) is for trying out sock patterns and the bare (top) is to dye. Now I just need to be brave and actually dye it!!

Four fetchings right in a row. My personal pair are on the left. I guess they aren't as fuzzy as I had thought, just loved.

I threw some cables into a sock I'm knitting. They are a bit too far down to be artistically pleasing, but I don't think R will mind. With pants no one will see the tops anyways. Now that I can do cables without a needle I love them even more than I already did!! I want to cable everything! Now I must leave all my pretty new yarn at home and go to work2. Poo!!

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