Thursday, May 17, 2007

yarn online

I placed my first online yarn order yesterday. I got Knit Picks gloss (merino/silk), a hank of bare superwash fingering to kool aid dye and... some palette (100% peruvian wool). I almost bought some more yarn for man socks, but then realized I'd better get crackin' on socks more difficult than 3x1 rib for sockapalooza practice. So more boy socks will have to wait... besides the pair I'm already knitting. The thing that scares me is... guage. Eek! Rachel is not so good at the swatching and gauging.

I've also finished one fetching done for the work2 student. She brought me a set of Brittany US 6 dpn's the other day, which was very nice of her.

And... I have an job interview tomorrow! It is for a Applied Science/Research place and I'm pretty excited. It would be nice to get a higher paying job that is related to my Psych degree. Wish me luck! With just one job I would have time to do crazy things like... join a knitting group, learn to spin, exercise regularly, ride a bike to work, walk my dog. The mind boggles!

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