Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No pics again

I'm almost done with the second fetching for the student at work2. They are the exact same color as the ones I made myself, so I'm ready to be done. I might post a picture of mine vs. the new ones. Mine pilled and got fuzzy really fast.

Hopefully my yarn order will get here soon. I am either going to make my sock pal:
monkey socks or
Anastasia Socks
Maybe. Or I might decide that lace and charted patterns are the devil and go for some good old:
plain socks.
I've never done toe up socks before, but hopefully it won't be too horrible. I'm thinking about some Lorna's Laces for yarn. I feel like I'm late to the party for choosing a pattern and yarn, but I want make sure I can actually do more complicated socks before I have any lofty aspirations.

In other news I used grumperina's tutorial on cabling without a cable needle and I am now cable needle free! Hooray! Someday perhaps (in the far future) I will be able to take on Clessidra from Knitty. Those are the sexiest socks ever!!

And did I mention that I told the students in my 6th period class that I would knit them all wrist bands? There are only five students left at this point, but that is still something I have to keep in mind. I'm going to use the pattern from Stitch N' Bitch, only in the round, with two colors each. Luckily they won't mind acrylic yarn... So five wrist bands are needed by June 14. I wonder if I could do one in about 4 hours? Then I could do one a night at work2. hmmmm.

Also on the to do list are sockapalooza socks (duh), two more One Skein Wonders (one for me, one for another friend), the Two Tone Shrug from "Fitted Knits" if the book ever gets to the library, and some wedding gift socks-gloves-slippers-or-something. Thats for now... of course the list is really much longer than that, and will have some man socks and other things slipped in I'm sure.

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Jodie said...

Wow lots of knitting for other people. You need a pair of socks for yourself on there!