Wednesday, May 02, 2007

sock n' dog

I think I'm almost done with sock 1. I need to have Mr. recipient try it on for size.

But someone please tell me what this is?!? And where it came from?

I'm assuming it is a slight mix up during the heel flap making part of the journey. I think it's easily fixed with a little mattress stitching, but it still irks me because I was extra careful but still completely missed the hole until I was far far past fixing it. Oh well, that's why socks are knit in pairs right? There are some other minor hiccups in the moss stitch ribbing, but they are un-noticeable to the untrained (un-anal) eye.

This is the reason I haven't posted for a few days...

Miss Bonny is a brand new canine diabetic. So this weekend was spent freaking out over a severe bladder infection and the past few days have been spent freaking out over the diabetes diagnosis. Really it's fine, except for the fact that she now requires insulin every 10-12 hours. That will make the two job gig very difficult.

I also have received my sockapalooza pal information. It's on ladies and gentlemen!! So much to do between now and August!!

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Natália Lopes said...

I saw your picture of socks with a hole, you have to pick always an extra hole between the needles and it works.