Monday, May 07, 2007

sock the first is ready for take off!!

Sock the first has been completed thus (at work):

It looks great off the foot, but once on I see little bits of skin. My sweetie doesn't have enormous feet by any means and the gauge was right... maybe I knit it too tightly? The top of the sock is a little too loose. So I dunno. I'm just going to knit up the other one the same way(but tighter up top) and he can wear them as not quite so warm spring socks.

He does like it however, obligingly sticking his foot out whenever I take the sock (and a half) out to admire. I've tried it on and it is exceedingly comfortable.
I am also happy with the shape and really like the look of this type of heel. I'm about an inch from the heel of sock the second, but I've run out of yarn. So I must wait until tomorrow. :-P

Things I learned:
How to weave in ends for real, rather than just faking it.
More kitchener stitch. Some problems, but tolerable results.
Not to mention my first pair of socks!!

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Danielle said...

Congratulations on your first sock!! You have a very obliging significant other :)

If you are looking for affordable sock yarn, look at Knitpicks -- if you order enough ($40?) the shipping is free!