Sunday, April 01, 2007

finished OSW!

Hoorah! The One Skein Wonder that actually took about a skein and a half is done! Ready to be shipped off to parts unknown. I wanted to keep it for myself but it doesn't fit. I really like the colors, and it is super stretchy because of the elastic, it was really fun to knit. I realized about 2/3's of the way through the body that I was supposed to be knitting it on a circular rather than straight needles. That's what I get for starting a project while sick! But it turned out okay, it was just a tight fit for all the stitches towards the end. When I do one for myself it will go much faster with circular needles.

Picking up the stitches on the two fronts was kind of a pain... I couldn't get the right number of stitches... either ten or twelve too many or twenty short. There ended up being a small picked up stitch deficit on one side, but everything turned out fine. If I can find someone to model this, I will post a picture of it in action.

Now back to the pink hoodie. I have about 6 inches done on never-ending sleeve the second.
Yay. I really want to make some socks. The pattern for the clessidra socks on knitty is amazing. They are the sexiest socks I've ever seen! So I need to start practicing, practicing!!

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