Sunday, March 25, 2007

sleeve the first of hoodie the first

Never-ending sleeve the first is done!! And looking much better I might add!
(notice the lively ornaments in the background)

I also like admiring the fabulous seaming on this sleeve, hopefully it goes that well for the remainder of the hoodie.

I'm also working on the "one skein wonder" from glampyre knits. The Knit Shop didn't have the yarn asked for in the pattern, but they steered me towards Crystal Palace Yarns "Bamboozle" which is 55% Bamboo 24% Cotton and 21% Elastic Nylon. I choose rainforest and I love the way it is knitting up! What I don't like is how loosely it hangs together as yarn. It kind of unwinds all by itself, so I tied a knot in the cast-on tail to keep it from continued... unraveling? It behaves pretty well after you start kniiting it, but it tends to catch if you aren't careful, and the yarn shop ladies said they wouldn't suggest wooden or bamboo needles because it snags.

Luckily I started off spring break with a nasty cold which gave me a good reason to sit on my butt almost all day working on this little beauty. I need to get through it quickly, because I need my pair of 8's to begin never-ending sleeve the second. Do I have the patience for a full size sweater I wonder?? The hoodie is taking FOR. EV. ER. I guess the secret may be sprinkling in lots of smaller projects during a large project?
I need to learn to knit socks.

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