Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hello? Blog?

This post is from 11/23/2008 and refers to the events of summer 2008. (do I win the award for worst blogger or what???)

I'm back... for now anyway.
Much has happened since May! R and I went on an awesome summer vacation in late June. Much climbing, rafting, hiking, camping, more hiking, climbing and visiting was done. And also lots of knitting.
I worked on a paint crew for the school district for the summer.
My friend Jessi had a tiny cute baby girl.
My friend Priscilla moved to Arizona :-P.
THEN I moved to Portland. I live downtown, which has it's good sides (close to school, the streetcar, stealing the internet) and bad sides (too many starbucks, expensive bars, very noisy). I do live a short streetcar ride away from Knit/Purl, which is a treat. I've read reviews saying they aren't very nice, but I find them to be very helpful.
And now I'm just a few weeks away from my being finished with my first term of grad school!!
I've also done some spinning. I'm borrowing the wheel semi indefinitely, until the owner gets a student she needs to teach.
Now to the pics!!

Now whats happening in late 2009?
Well I'm finishing up the Fall term of my second and LAST year of grad school.
I moved out of downtown Portland and now live on Mt Tabor.
I have been working at a daycare. :-P
I have done almost no hiking, rock climbing or camping since I moved to Portland last fall.
AND I rarely have time for knitting. Though I should be finishing up a pair of argyles for Rob... soon?
The spinning wheel and I got into a fight. I think I out grew it. So my graduation present to myself will be a spinning wheel. Assuming I have a job when I graduate!
Maybe I can resurrect this blog?
Who knows!

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