Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Handknit handspun

I have finished my One Skein Wonder made from hand spun. Yes, I know I need some different patterns, but if people would stop buying yarn to make them stuff with...
It is now a bit too chilly to wear the shrug, but it layers well under other things.
Here are the pictures, taken by my very obliging sweetie:

Hurray for finished objects!!
I cast off this little number as we were headed home from Sisters, OR and a day of bouldering.

Obviously the person in the top photo is not me...

Back to knitting/spinning. I pre-drafted half of the 4 ounces of fiber from Strings and Yarn and spun a bit of it up yesterday. It is so beautiful. I forgot to get pictures of the fiber pre-drafting and during spinning, but I will try to remember. My hope is to get it even enough in thickness I can ply it with some silk thread or something and make it come out light worsted or so. I already have some thin spots.... but I'm going to try and get better.
And now a gratuitous frog picture. We found this guy when we were climbing near Bend the weekend before last. Photo credits go to my sweetie again.

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