Tuesday, April 10, 2007

seaming is horrible

So did I mention that the hoodie is my first seamed project? Yeah. So I didn't do it quite right and now it is really hard to get the arms on... I guess it looks okay though. I had to seam the one arm though to make sure it fit, so it seemed (heh) logical to just attach it in it's seamed state.
It looks okay. The teacher from the fiber arts class says that the seams look "great". The only picture I have so far is the whole mess lying on the floor in a pile after I threw it away in disgust. But I have hope.

I'm also working on the Dream Swatch from knit and tonic using some hand dyed, hand spun that the fiber arts teacher gave me. It has lots of texture so it doesn't look like the picture, but still quite lovely.
I need to start a pair of fetching mitts from knitty, but my roommates dog the entire set (hers) of Clover size 6 double points. And I haven't had the $$ to buy another set. :-P I need to get started on them though so I'll either cave and buy a set or go around to thrift shops this weekend.

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Holly said...

Hey-I saw your comment on Sockapalooza. Just wanted to encourage you to jump in-you can do this-socks are not hard :~)