Tuesday, March 20, 2007


1) So I tried the offending hoodie sleeve on for a teacher on Monday and it looked better. Can one retain water in their arms? But still too short. So rather than starting a wider sleeve, I'm going to rip this one back and make it longer. (insert joke about girth vs length here). So yay.

2) I used a loom!!! I'm helping with a fiber arts class and she brought in her loom! It was so neat. The work it takes to get started is a mess, but once everything is ready it was really easy and fun. But knitting still wins the contest for affordability and portability. I'm trying to talk her into teaching classes at some point in the future. She's a whiz.

3) I'm making another pair of fetching wrist warmer/mits for a postal employee who takes lessons at work 2. They are quick and pretty. A nice break from pink acrylic/wool blend.

4) I got a sewing machine. A lady at work gave it to me because she has a new one. I took it into the shop to get some quirks worked on. I was really brave before it was fixed, now I don't know what to do with it. I want to make R some pajama pants... I think I'll start with that.

5) I signed up for a charity blanket swap, where a blanket gets passed to various knitters who knit a bit and pass it on. I'm a bit nervous since I've never done a pass along type thing, but it should be fine. heh. Perhaps I'll make the roomie knit some.

6) for Jessi: Toshi's Ramen is a good reason to come to Eugene. It is the best. I'll take a picture of it's deliciousness the next time we go.

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